I know I am.  Johnny Damon had a window of opportunity to resign with the Yankees, that window has passed. We all need to move on with our lives. Many of you feel that not resigning Damon was a mistake. Don’t get me wrong Damon is a great player and a great guy to have in the club house but tell me how many 36 year old outfielder with poor defense had two years in a row where they got better.

I’m not saying their isn’t a market for Damon. Damon is worth a one or two year deal at 2-3 million dollars per year, thats it.  Damon made it known that he wanted 13 million. If some team gives him 13 million I will certainly eat crow but it’s not going to happen. This will be the last article that I write about Damon until he signs with someone, if he signs with anyone. The teams that make sense to me are  the Rays,Jays,Reds and Braves. Perhaps the Padres might make a good fit as well.

To say that Damon overplayed his hand would be an understatement. That is the risk you take having Scott Boras as an agent. Look what Boras almost ruined for Alex Rodriguez . Damon however isn’t the superstar that Alex is. Even with  all the hoopla and the fact that Damon is 36 and throws like my wife, he is still the most attractive left fielder out there for a team that really needs one. The Yankees however do not.