TBA. Yes it is still undecided who will be the utility infielder for the Yankees in 2010. It was widely speculated that the Bombers were interested in resigning Jerry Hairston Jr but he has reached an agreement with the Padres worth ten billion dollars (pressing my pinky against my cheek like DR evil) actually it’s worth a mere 2.12 million dollars for one year. From the sounds of it perhaps that was more than the Yankees were willing to spend on a bench player. Hairston will be joining his brother Scott Hairston who was recently reacquired by the Padres from the A’s.

So who does that leave as primary candidates for the backup/utility infielder? I would put Ramiro Pena on the top of this list being that he is already on the roster and won the spot out of spring training last season. The Yankees also have Kevin Russo, Eduardo Nunez and Reegie Corona. I would think out of these four players the Yankees should be able to find their utility infielder. However this does not mean that a free agent veteran wont get the job or at least a spring training invite. There are a few of those types out there including Mark Loretta, Adam Kennedy and Felipe Lopez who will certainly be out of the Yankees budget.

But to be honest this is all just a stretch for news. If the Yankees made no more moves and went into spring training just like they are, without adding a left fielder or utility guy, they would be just fine and probably favorites to win it all again. The Yankees have already made enough upgrades that you can officially say they are a better team then they were three months ago.

Spring training is just around the corner hang in there.