Source: Yankees, Mitre agree to $850,000 deal

Earlier today I posted just the above link to give you a little time to mull the whole  Sergio Mitre thing over. Now that you are all shaking in your boots about how much he sucks and how the Yankees don’t need him lets look at the facts and my oh so popular opinion on it all.

First the facts, Last season Mitre was 3-3 with an ERA of 6.79 and gave up 71 hits in only 51 innings. Not so good right? But when we look at the fact that he was just coming off Tommy John surgery what exactly did you expect? Mitre has a good arm nobody can deny that . He hits in the mid 90’s and had some games where he was down right un-hittable.

Now my opinion. 850k for a team like  the Yankees on a one year deal is peanuts in the bucket. Another year away from Tommy John surgery should show that Mitre is a lot stronger than he was last he season and that  he will be throwing in the mid 90’s with ease. He will come to spring training and compete with others for a chance at the number five spot in the rotation. If he should win it will be because he is better than the rest. If he should lose there is still a chance that he breaks camp with the Yankees as a long reliever. Whether he makes the elusive 25 or not he gives the Yankees more pitching depth. With guys like Burnett and Vazquez on the roster who have had injury question marks in the past its good to have pitching depth and thats what guys like Mitre and Chad Gaudin bring us, depth.

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