nady On every fan site you go to people are speculating on who will be roaming the outfield grass at Yankee Stadium in 2010. The only thing that I can Guarantee is that Curtis Granderson will be one of them. I can Reasonably predict that Nick Swisher will most likely be the right fielder as well. I’m not as certain about that one because he is on a reasonable contract with some trade value if the right deal came along, but I think that the Yankees are pretty happy with his performance. So Left Field is what everyone is chatting about. It seemed that Johnny Damon was the early favorite but has priced himself out of contention. The other big Fish Out there are Matt Holiday and Jason Bay but don’t hold your breath. Seems that Brian Cashman is working from a budget and they are probably way out of it. Of course you can never say its not possible, we are talking about the Yankees. That leaves a list of other possibilities that include:

Mark Derosa: An 11 year veteran who seems better fitted to be a utility guy or fourth outfielder than an everyday left fielder. Not to mention that it appears that he is leaning toward signing with the Giants.

Reed Johnson: A six year Veteran Reed is 33 years old. Johnson spent the first four years of his career with Toronto and has been with Chicago for the last two seasons. Admittedly I don’t know much about Johnson except for what I saw of him when he played with the Jays. From what I recall and what I see reading over his stats he is a good defender that is an average hitter but doesn’t have much power. He holds a career average of .282 with an OBP of over .300. Not horrible numbers by any means . Last season Johnson made three million ,certainly affordable compared to Damon.

Johhny Gomes: This former Tampa Bay Ray was non tendered by the Reds last month and is certainly going to land on his feet. At 29 years old this talented Left fielder batted .307 against let handed pitching and shows a little power as well. With 20 home runs in 2009 he is an above average fielder and holds a career .330 OBP .Gomes has struggled with injuries but made a comeback in 2009 putting up good numbers with 20 Home Runs. He might be an attractive option if healthy.

Xavier Nady: Speaking of not to healthy Nady has struggled with injuries over the last two seasons but has shown over the course of his career that he can hit with the best of them. Nady only appeared in 7 games for the Yankees in 2009 but in 2008 with the Yankees and Pirates he hit 25 Hr with 97 RBI’s and in 2007 with Pittsburg he hit 20 Home Runs as well. Nady would provide enough power to makeup for the Departing Damon but the big question would be his health.

Jermaine Dye: Dye Is a.274 Career hitter that has a ten year average of 30 HR and 100 RBI’s per year. But at 35 you can see his performance in the field and at the plate beginning to decline from his amazing 2006 year when he hit 44 HR and 120 RBI’s. Dye is still a heck of a ball player and should be one of the better bargains of 2010.

There are other names out their and you can find a complete list of them at MLBTR but these are the ones that I have heard in connection with the Yankees.  My opinion? I like Nady if healthy , he is well liked in the clubhouse and brings a big bat. I also like Dye on a one year deal. Dye may be 35 but he can still hit and will certainly be an upgrade over Damon for less money. Whatever route the Yankees take I believe it will be short term. If available the Yankees will be going hard after Carl Crawford next year. They have always liked him and he has always liked the Yankees. What’s not to like Crawford is a three time all star who stole 60 bases last season.  Can you Imagine this line-up










That’s my dream roster for 2011. LOL ok ok I’m jumping the gun a little.