The Yankees had an eventful week. Brian Cashman is a genius, he has taken a world championship team and made it better. The Yankees needed to replace some of the Players that they lost from free agency and in doing so needed to get younger and more athletic. First the signing of Curtis Granderson, then Nick Johnson. Now bringing in one of the best pitchers in baseball in Javier Vazquez. Granted Vazquez did not have a stellar year when he was with the Yankees back in 2004. Actually the first half of 2004 Javier was great. Good enough to make an all-star appearance. The second half of the year he sucked. Vaquez states that he was hurt and didn’t say anything and when he finally did it was to little to late he had already blown the season. Since 2004 Vaquez has been very durable throwing 200+ innings every year. Last season he was just short of brilliant coming in fourth in Cy young voting in the National League while posting an ERA of 2,87. Some people are disappointed in what the Yankees gave up for him. Those people overvalue the worth of Melky Cabrera. Mike Dunn and Arodys Vizcaino are potentially more valuable. Vizcaino has a very high ceiling but at 19 years old is a long way from the Majors. Vazquez is on the last year of his current deal and will likely be branded with the type A free agent label. If at the end of the Season the Yankees let him walk he would bring them a first round draft pick and a first round supplemental pick that is certainly worth more than Cabrera. Vazquez is happy to be back in NY he always felt that he could have done better had he just done things differently now he gets the chance to prove it.. The Yankees now have the best rotation in the American League hands down. Nick Johnson will certainly add some RBI opportunities for Arod and Tex. Granderson has improved the outfield Defense and is a ton younger than Damon. The Yankees still may make a move on a left fielder but don’t count on it being a big name like Matt Holiday or Jason Bay. Of course the Yankees weren’t in on Mark Teixeira either. Personally I hope that Gardner is the every day guy and next year maybe we can see a guy named Carl Crawford out there.