Johnny Damon’s downfall was greed. He stated that he wanted to come back with the Yankees but somewhere along the way he lost all sense of reality when he thought the Yankees were going to give him a three year deal at 13 million a year. Damon even came down as far as to except a two year deal but its not enough. 13 million for a 36 year old outfielder with a poor throwing arm just isn’t a wise investment. Now the Yankees are finalizing a deal with Nick Johnson that is said to be worth 5.5 million for one year with incentives that can make it worth another million. Its also been said that there may be an option for a second year.

I really like this move in that  Johnson had a career .402 OBP and hits for average. He is not fast but runs better than Matsui did with his bad knees. Not known as a power hitter Nick did have 23 HR in 2006. I think the short right field porch will help his power numbers and 20-25 Hr wont be out of the realm of possibility. Nick’s main problem is his inability to be healthy. As a Dh hopefully that will change.

Interesting that Brian Cashman says that he isn’t that impressed with this years free agent market and next years will be better. What does this say to you? I think it says that the Yankees aren’t going to go after Bay or Holliday this year and make a bigger splash next season.  Humm lets see who might be young and talented and a free agent LF next season? Can anyone say Carl Crawford.?  I really like what the Yankees have done so far this year. Granderson and Johnson are younger than Damon and Matsui and should provide the same production. An outfield of Melky,Granderson and Swisher is a better defensively than Damon , Melky, Swisher.

That being said I think that the Yankees will leave the outfield like it is. No matter how much you all want Matt Holiday , It’s not going to happen.  Pitching is the Yankees priority from here on out. The top three spots are set with CC, AJ, and Andy. I believe that the Yankees will sign one more, my guess being Ben Sheets and the final spot will be up for grabs in the spring with the competitors being Joba,Hughes, Aceves,Gaudin and Mitre. The losers will form the 2010 bull pen. The Yankees still have the best line up in the game and should be favorites to repeat. The difference in 2010 is that they are a little better defensively.

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