Nostradamus In my world ,as long as they haven’t happened yet, I’m allowed to adjust my predictions based on other events that have already occurred. Shhhh this is my world and I don’t care if you think its cheating.

First lets look at how I have done so far. I get one point for the John Lackey to the Red Sox and one for Wang being non –tendered. In the comments of my prediction post I changed my thought of Halladay going to the Angels and had him going with Philly. (See above stipulations) I missed on Harden signing with the Yankees as he is now a Ranger and I missed on the Red Sox signing Jason Bay ( Sox signed Cameron. BAHAHAHA) Sorry for that outburst. That makes me 3-2.

Now lets look at a few changes

1. Now I have Been Sheets going to the Yankees

2. Still going with Damon as the front runner for left field. If they cant agree on a two year deal, I see them going Jason Bay or Matt Holiday. I would say they are lurking in the weeds on those deals now.

3. Yankees interest in Chapman will rest largely on how he performs in today’s bull pen try out.

4. Why the Yankees are not talking about signing Jose Molina is a mystery to me. But they seem to be happy with Cervelli as their backup. At least for now. I predict that after the Rotation and Left field is settled that they will look at this carefully and then ultimately decide on John Buck.

5. The Yankees talk a good game but there is now way that they go with Juan Miranda as their DH. Look for them to sign a middle of the road free agent bat late in the offseason if the others above don’t pan out. I like Nick Johnson or Vladimir Guerrero (who by the way nobody is talking about) Vlad had one of the worst first halves  ever but bounced back to have ok numbers batting .290 with 15 HR . Cant run anymore but could be an inexpensive DH on a short term deal.Johnson as he has turned that 30 year old curve in the road is not the power hitter that he once was. But if the Yankees wanted to DH him he gets on base and when healthy hits close to .300. This would also give them additional depth at first base as I hate Swisher playing there.

I’m sure I will change my predictions as things unfold to make myself look like one of the great baseball prediction legends in history . Or at least a legend in my own mind.