lackey The Red Sox have been surprisingly active today and in my opinion have spent a ton of money and haven’t really accomplished that much.

The big splash for the day is the signing of John Lackey. Lackey is obviously one of the premier pitchers in the game and his record of 102 wins vs 71 losses is phenomenal. So you may be asking yourself why I think its not so scary. Its because he doesn’t pitch so well against the Yankees. Here is a look at some of the batting averages that the Yankees hold vs Lackey;

Tex .388

Jeter .341

posada .414

Melky  .360

as a team they have an OBP of .386 with a .456 Slugging %. When more than a third of your line up is batting better than .300 against him how scary can he be.

The Red Sox also spent money on aging outfielder Mike Cameron. Now Cameron is not a bad player but how in the world would you ever think that he is better than resigning Jason Bay.

Cameron holds a career .250 average and will be good for 20 HR and 70RBI’s

Bay is a career .280 hitter who is good for 30HR and 100 RBI’s

Last season Cameron made 10 million and Bay made  7 million . Cameron  is 36 and Bay is 31. Do you see where I am going here. The Red Sox plan on using Cameron as their every day left fielder. Mike has a .1000 fielding percentage playing left field. Probably do to the fact that he has played a total of two innings in left and has only fielded one ball.  Bay on the other hand is a left fielder.

Boston also has a 15 million dollar offer on the Table for Aroldis Chapman who is scheduled to try out for a bunch of major league clubs tomorrow by pitching a bullpen. Chapman gave a private try out for Boston last month and there is said to be mutual interest. Chapman’s agents have stated that they are not ready to except any offers at this time and I’m sure other offers will be on the table by weeks end. Its the opinion of most scouts that Chapman probably wont be ready to pitch in the majors until 2011 but who knows.

The Biggest deal of the day was the one that the Red Sox missed out on. That was Roy Halladay going to Philly. Halladay is a Yankee killer and if he’s not going to the Yankees its good to see him going to the National League.

Are the Red Sox a better team now than they were yesterday? Maybe, will they be better against the Yankees? I don’t think so.  Only time will tell for sure. Seems to me they haven’t made the big splash that is going to put them past the Yankees. I still think the Yankees will make a move to improve their Rotation and now it looks as if they will probably do it via free agency rather than trade. This will enable them to hold on to Joba and Hughes which will keep their bull pen strong. I’m a fan of signing Ben Sheets and  either Matt Holiday or Johnny Damon . Although If the Yankees don’t do anything they will still be a favorite to win their 28th world championship.