According to Jon Heyman at Roy Halladay has been traded to the Phillies. The Seattle Mariners get Cliff Lee in the deal and the Blue Jays get prospects that have not been disclosed as of yet. The deal on paper appears to be a wash for the Phillies in the short term.  The Phillies get Roy Halladay, a phenomenal pitcher (arguably the best in the game) who is 32 years old and will be 33 in May. However, they ship their ace and postseason giant to the Mariners. Cliff Lee pitched in five postseason games. He was 4-0 with two complete games and had a 1.46 ERA. Let’s just say that is pretty good, or you know a postseason performance for the ages. It appears the Phillies had to make the trade because Lee made it known he wasn’t going to sign an extension when his deal is up after this season. Either way I don’t see how this helps the Phils. They lose prospects and basically swap one ace for another. Their gains are minimal if any for 2010. The Blue Jays receive at least 3 prospects and should have pulled the trigger on this trade last season. They got much less then what they could have gotten before the deadline last year.

We will tell you it does help though, the New York Yankees.  Halladay was 3-1 in 5 games with a 2.70 ERA against the Yankees. He also tossed three complete games. The Yankees are now facing an even weaker Toronto Blue Jays eighteen times a year. Without Halladay that could be four more wins against the Blue Jays and in the division. 

Another reason that this works out for the Yankees is because the Red Sox didn’t get Halladay. The Red Sox were in on the discussions and ESPN even reported that they were aggressively pursuing Halladay. Suffice it to say the Red Sox loss is the Yankees gain. Instead the Red Sox have reached a deal with John Lackey. Lackey pitched in 27 games last season and only threw 176.1 innings.  He also let up 177 hits in 176.1 innings. Not bad at all, but not Roy Halladay.

By Michael Genovese

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