damonbat Its a tough question that could go either way. I think Johnny Damon wants to come back and I think that the Yankees want him back. The wild card is that Damon’s agent is Scott Boras. Whenever you are talking about Boras he can be quite stubborn. He is seeking a four year contract for Johnny . Seems the Yankees are unlikely to go more than two years.

I think that Damon’s desire to return to the Yankees will outweigh Boras and Damon will be back in pinstripes in 2010. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the Yankees went as far as to give him two years at 10mil a year. However I don’t think he will get much more than that unless its incentive based. My wish is for Damon to return to pinstripes. I think his production offensively would be difficult to replace with Melky Cabrerra or Brett  Gardner. Unless they are taking a run at Matt Holiday and than all bets are off.