wang Although there is no official word from the Yankees multiple sources are reporting that Chien Ming Wang has been non-tendered.

Wang  was there best pitcher in 2006 and 2007 going  38-13 over that time. After a successful start to 2008 going 8-2 Wang suffered an injury while running the bases in an interleague game. He came back in 2009 as an entirely different pitcher going 1-6 with an ERA of 9.64 allowing 66 hits in 43 innings before ultimately needing season ending shoulder surgery. Whether of not this injury was caused by not having completely recovered from the previous injury is a subject of some debate, but either way it ended his 2009 season.

Wang started a throwing program on December 1st and his agent reports that his rehab is going so well he will be ready by May 1st. Wang made 5 million last season and  it seems would be to expensive a re-hab case for the Yankees blood. By not offering him a contract he will become a free agent and will probably sign with another team on an incentive based contract for a bargain bin price.

Might be a good risk for someone needing a starter if  you want to roll the dice. Who knows maybe he will return to 2007 form when he won 19 games. I wish him  all the luck in the world but i just don’t think he fits in the Yankees plans right now.

update 12:46 ; The midnight deadline has passed for the non-tendering of players and its official. Brian Cashman had this to say “There’s no doubt that we had to make a tough decision,” . “We are still hopeful that our relationship can continue, but those decisions are yet to be made.” The non-tendering of Wang does not necessarily spell the end of his reign in pinstripes. Wang is now a free agent and free to sign with any team at any price tag including the Yankees. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if he signed a minor league deal with the Yankees in hopes of battling his way back to the majors via Scranton. However he probably will be offered a low ball major league contract by someone.

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