They made a dumb move is more accurate. The logic in this trade is absent. I just don’t understand why you send your best 22 year old center field prospect (best major league ready prospect in the Yankee farm system period), your best left handed reliever, and what you hope to be a starter this coming year and into the future for a .272 lifetime hitter who hit .187 against lefties last season. Granted he has a powerful bat and is an extreme upgrade defensively in center field but the Yankees didn’t even need help in the outfield. The platoon of Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner was good enough to win a championship. If Johnny Damon comes back and Nick Swisher stays put the Yankees were just fine in the outfield. Also all signs pointed to Joe Girardi making Gardner an outfield staple for the Yankees.

Austin Jackson on the other hand batted .300 in AAA Scranton last year. He was an all-star down on the farm and by all accounts major league ready at 22 years old. Why you trade him, your best left handed reliever (regardless of his postseason woes), and Ian Kennedy for a 29 year old center fielder you don’t really need just blows my mind. Of course I am aware that with the Yankee lineup will raise Granderson’s average and the rest of his offensive numbers will go up as well, but I still think it’s an awful trade. I am also not doubting that Granderson is an all-star center fielder and valuable. I just don’t see why the Yankees needed him.

What the Yankees really needed was starting pitching. The pieces that they had to trade for a guy like Roy Halladay are long gone now. This trade didn’t help the Yankees. It hurts them and it hurts them bad. The bullpen is once again suspect. Cashman might think that the Damaso Marte that showed up in the playoffs will be around for the whole year next season but I doubt it. He is often injured and I don’t see next year being any different. Now the Yankees are still missing that starting pitcher and the bullpen is up in the air. What do they do with Joba and Hughes? The only thing this trade did was raise more questions for next season then answers.
D- on this trade Cashman.