There are a lot of silly trade offers that float around the winter meetings. Primarily because GM’s have an obligation to try and get something for nothing.

The Diamondbacks have proposed a three way trade that would send Curtis Granderson to the Yankees and the Yankees would lose Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, Ian Kennedy, and Mike Dunn to the Diamond Backs and Tigers. I’m not sure who gets who or what the other components to be lost by the other two teams would be. But it would basically come down to the Yankees giving up to much for to little a return. This is not to say that Granderson is worthless because he is certainly a talent, however he struggles against Lefties and strikes out far to much.alg_matsui-out

However and here comes the seller for me. If the Yankees were to also receive Justin Upton from the Diamond Backs and Edwin Jackson from the Tigers. (granted I just made this part up there is no such deal in place) If I were the Yankees I would give up all the named above and maybe sweeten the pot a little by throwing in Brett Gardner, another good minor league pitcher and would seriously consider even giving up Jesus Montero.

My point is just because a trade starts out as silly doesn’t mean that it isn’t something that Cashman can turn around into a workable trade. Cash has a history of getting us something for a handful of magic beans.