There are things that the Yankees need, things that they could use, and things that they can take care of from within. Then there are those things that could go either way. Let us start with what could go either way. 1. Left Field: Im guessing that Johhny Damon will probably return on a one or two year deal. ( I could be wrong , depends on if he is willing to give the Yankees a discount) Im also going to assume that he will see more time as a DH and that Matsui will be signing elsewhere. This could mean bringing in another outfielder.  This also could be handled internally. I believe that if the Yankees have faith that Austin Jackson is ready and they dont use him as part of a trade package they will bring him up to play Center and use a Tandem of Cabrera and Gardner in Left field. Both of which would provide a defensive upgrade over Damon and are capable of hitting .280+. However Losing Hideki  Matsui is losing a big bat. One whos production cannot be made up for with this scenario.  Enter the Idea of signing Matt Holiday. However this does not go along with the idea of lowering payroll. But boy oh boy can this guy produce. At 29 years old Matt batted .313 with 24 Home Runs and 109 RBI’s. His average over the past five seasons is 29 Home Runs and 112 RBI’s. I would have no problem with the Yankees offering him a five year deal. However the price tag is pretty high. A better option would be to make a trade for a good young bat with defense. Curtis Granderson fits the Bill, he may not hit for average like Holiday but he certainly has the pop. In 2009 he hit 30 Home runs and also had 20 stolen bases.  At only 28 years old He is another I wouldn’t hesitate to give an extension to. However he is still under contract for another three years which would be attractive to the Yankees. What I don’t like about him is that he is horrible against lefties, and I mean horrible. Last season he batted . .183 to be exact with 143 strikeouts. Not good at all. The Yankees have also been in love with Mike Cameron for a couple of years now but at 36 years old I would recommend against it. So in order to keep this post from going on and on, and believe me I could, the Yankees could go a lot of different routes with this one. Pitching: First of all I think the bullpen will be fine without making any deals. With Rivera,Gaudin,Coke,Robertson,Bruney,Marte, and a bunch of talented arms down on the farm that may get an opportunity to compete for a spot. Quick prediction: Ian Kennedy will either play a role in the majors in 2010 or be traded. This Brings us to the Rotation. I think we can all agree that this could go either way, but I believe if the Yankees truly want to win a second title in a row they need to get a big arm.  Im going to save this discussion for another post however I am going to leave you with a short list of names. If I were the Yankees these are the guys I would be most interested in : 1. Roy Hallady 2. Josh Johnson 3. John Lackey 4. Edwin Jackson 5. Ben Sheets 6. Aroldis Chapman ( probably  to start in minors but only 22 years old) 7. Joel Pinero ( has long been on the Yankees Radar) 8. Noah Lowry 9. Rich Harden 10. Justin Duchscherer These are the 10 that I like the best. Next time we will break them down and take a look  at the price tags. Note: I’m assuming that Andy Pettitte will resign with the Yankees for at least one more year this is why I excluded him from the list.