damonbat Not a real big surprise here. The only player that I thought they might have offered arbitration to would have been Johnny Damon. But if Damon had excepted he would have been considered a signed player and the Yankees would have had to pay him a much larger salary than he is really worth. By not offering him arbitration if Damon and the Yankees are unable to reach a contract agreement and he walks the Yankees will not lose a first round draft pick as he is labeled as a class A type free agent. I believe that their is a mutual interest from both sides for at least a one year perhaps a two year deal. Certainly not the four year deal that Scott Boras was running his mouth about. Think about it who would like a 40 year old outfielder who cant throw anyone out. Damon still has something left in the tank. He proved that this season batting .282 with 24 homers from number two spot in the batting order. He also swiped 12 bases in 12 attempts.  If Damon resigns with the Yankees I believe he will Dh a larger portion of the time. Especially if the Yankees let Matsui walk, which is what most believe will happen. Primarily because he has bad knees and hasn’t played in the field sense 2008.

As for Pettite it wouldn’t have made sense for the Yankees to offer him arbitration as he had made it known that he will either retire or pitch with the Yankees.

As far as other Yankees news . The news is there is no news. There are allot of rumors floating around  the hot stove. The winter meetings start next week and then things will heat up, until then don’t expect any moves to be made. Cashman doesn’t act out of impulse. He is very calculated , moves will be made just hang tight.