401999cashman Brian Cashman has a way of saying a whole lot without ever giving anything away.

“I’ve had my pro scouting meetings, now I’m talking to ownership about budgets,” Cashman said. “Obviously we’re working through every level on that. We haven’t game planned yet. We’re obviously going through everything that transpired from the meetings, but at the same time, now we’re meeting with ownership. Once I get confirmed numbers, then we can start putting together some ideas. I have not reached out to any agents really yet. I’ll talk to our guys first, and after I have conversations with our guys, I’ll be full blown into the market place.”

This is all a lot about nothing. What we did get out of him was that the rotation is a priority, Ya think?  Again a whole lot about nothing. Obviously the Yankees need to sign a couple of pitchers. I believe Andy Pettite will be one of those guys and I believe one spot will be filled internally by competing in spring training. The remaining spot will be filled via free agency or trade.

I believe that trade is the way to go.  The Yankees made their big free agency splash last off season and spending a whole shit load of money will only make their payroll  astronomical. Obviously John Lackey is the best available free agent pitcher  but the price will probably be quite high. One of the pitchers available on the trading block will be Roy Halladay. Obviously a proven commodity but will not come cheap. One thing that the Yankees have in their favor is depth in trading chips. If the Bombers are willing to trade either Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes (which I think they are) they should be competitive for Halladay or any other pitcher they pursue.

Personally I love Roy but he doesn’t really fit into the Yankees getting younger plan. However at 32 Roy isn’t ancient either. I think that the Yankees should check with the Marlins and see what they would want for Josh Johnson. The Marlins seem unwilling to give Johnson the fourth year he wants for a contract extension. At 25 Johnson certainly is worth that fourth year and them some. sense July of 2008 he is 22-6 and has the third highest average fastball velocity at 95.1. If I were the Yankees I would give them almost whatever they want for him. The only player I hope they stick the untouchable tag on (besides the obvious Jeter,Rivera,Posada ect…) is Austin Jackson. Jackson is a promising young outfielder who is listed as the Yankees number one prospect and won Rookie of the Year honors with Scranton batting .300 and stealing 24 bases.

Whatever the Yankees decide to do we are all going to have to just wait it out because its not happening this week and probably not until the winter meetings in December.