halladay-phillies There still isn’t any concrete news in Yankee land but some of the more repretable  blogs are mumbling about the Yankees calling the Blue Jays about the availability of Roy Halladay. Now I cant attest to the accuracy of this rumor accept to say the Yankees will be in contact with every team about every player they like to see if anything makes sense. Las. year at the Trade deadline when his value was highest former GM Riccardi  wanted Hughes and Chamberlain as part of a package . I think one of the reasons that he is no longer the GM was that he failed to pull the trigger on a deal . The new Gm has expressed less reservations about trading within the division. Probably due to the fact that he realizes that he is not going to overtake the Yankees or Red Sox next season and if he can get a couple of top prospects for him it will help them down the road. So lets hear it , who would you be willing to give up for Roy Halladay? Lets go with a pick three players leave your selections in the comments I am going with Joba Chamberlain, Jesus Montero and Ivan Nova  how about you?