cashmanap2 To the best of my knowledge the Yankees are not in any serious discussions with anyone about any trades or if they are making any serious moves at any free agents. That being said lets take a look at what the Yankees may be looking for and some names that are floating around as possible trade targets.

In order to determine what the Yankees needs are we will have to make a few assumptions. For the sake of speculation lets assume that the Yankees are keeping Damon and Letting Matsui go . Lets also assume that Andy Pettitte will be returning next season and that the Yankees will be filling one other rotation spot by competition from within. 

This brings to light two needs, one being a starting pitcher and two being a left fielder. I think that if Matsui is gone than Damon would be the logical choice to take the majority of the DH starts being that he is far from a gold glove left fielder. I also think that the Yankees may not be completely satisfied with the platoon  Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner in CF and may explore the trade market in this position as well.

Lets start first with CF: If the Yankees look for another CF its probably because they want one with a bit more pop in his bat. Detroit has made it known that Curtis Granderson may be available. Curtis is a 25+ HR guy  and is on the right side of 30 . Not to mention that he has good speed and the Yankees are trying to get Younger and faster.

One has to wonder if the Yankees might take an interest in the Young speedster BJ Upton. Upton is only 25  and man can he fly on the base pads. If the Yankees made a move like that it would pretty much mean that they have fallen out of love with Austin Jackson as the CFer of the Future. I don’t believe that to be true, however they may want a stopgap CF type if they feel that Jackson is not ready to take the reigns. Is Granderson that guy? Depends on the price, If Cashman can get him without giving up an unreasonable bounty than I say yes. If the price is to high I think they will pursue Mike Cammeron. Again this is all my speculation, they may be perfectly happy with Melky/Gardner.

One thing that is more of a sure thing is that the Yankees will be looking at starting pitching. Edwin Jackson would be a great trade the Price would be fairly high though. Not as high as if the Yankees decided to go for Broke and try and make a deal with Seattle for Felix Hernandez . If they could pull the trigger on something like that they would be incredible next season, and certainly a favorite to defend their title. The problem is that Seattle  would have to be absolutely blown away to consider such a thing as trading their ace young . Wonder what it would take, If you were them would you do it for  Austin Jackson, Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, and Joba Chamberlain. That would be painful for the Yankees for sure but to give you an idea how much it would have to hurt that might not be enough.

Left field is a position that seems they would fill from free agency considering the number of free agent left fielders available.  But their is some speculation that Carl Crawford could become available. The Rays just picked up his 10million dollar option which keeps him in Florida for one more year. When Crawford signed this deal there was kind of a handshake you have my word we wont pick up the option kind of thing, but that was under an entirely different regime.  If  Tampa is unable to sign Crawford to an extension they will almost certainly look to trade him whether than lose him to free agency next season.I think a lot of teams including the Yankees would give a nice package for Crawford.

I think the trade market is fairly weak and its not really the Yankees thing. The Bombers don’t like to give up their young talent if they can fill their needs via free agency.  If the Yankees can sign either John Lachkey, Aroldis Chapman or Matt Holiday via free agency they will be pretty much done but Brian Cashman will have talked with every GM about every different trade possibility. Odds are he wont make any significant trades. Look for some smaller moves to be made that might bring in a relief pitcher or utility guy but if something makes sense Cashman won’t hesitate.