curtis-737172 It is that time of year when rumors start to fly about trades for this and trades for that. Whether or not the Yankees are talking internally or to the Tigers or not at all about this is just speculation.

What I will tell you is my wonderful opinion on a possible trade. I say NO WAY.

Curtis Granderson had a good year last year. He batted only .249  but had good power numbers with 30 HR and 71 RBI. He has decent speed with 20 stolen bases .  However the Yankees have Austin Jackson waiting in the wings and hopefully will be the CFer of the future for many years to come. Jackson is a true five tool player and may be one of the fastest base runners  the Yankees will have seen in CF sense the days of Ricky Henderson in his prime. The only concerns with Jackson is that he hasn’t developed his power stroke yet. However he has the potential and I’m confident it will come. But the Yankees don’t necessarily need a power hitter in CF, especially if they have decent power from the corners. Power is not something the Yankees are lacking and a singles hitter that will hit .300 and steal 30 bases would be a welcome addition.

Now I can approve a deal for Granderson under the following conditions.

1. If the Yankees feel that Jackson is still at least a year away, than a trade that would give the Tigers Melky Cabrera and two minor leaguers could be attractive.

2. Neither Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain could be included in any said trade.

3.If the Tigers interest in Trading Granderson is because they Want  Austin Jackson we would need them to include a pitcher such as Edwin Jackson or perhaps Jeremy Bonderman if they also ate some of the huge salary he makes.

For the most part I am opposed to this trade as I feel that Austin Jackson is going to be the future of the Yankees CF. Perhaps one day being,  called one of the Great Yankees like Bernie Williams or Joe DiMaggio, ok ok I’m getting ahead of myself a little.