arodstretch Right now things are kind of slow news wise so I will share with you my dream Roster for 2010

Position players and batting order

1. Derek Jeter- The Captain sis great from the lead off spot in 2009 . There is no reason to change it in 2010

2. Johnny Damon- Damon is a free agent and I think there is interest on both sides for him to return for an encore season. I believe a one year deal for around 7 million + incentives with a second year club option would get it done. I would like to see Damon primarily DH.

3. Mark Texeria- Mark was fabulous last season and may win the MVP.

4. Alex Rodriguez- After his return Alex was also great. He removed many of the labels he had been walking  around with him the last few season and is wearing a new one. Now we can call him clutch.

5. Matt Holiday- Matt Holiday would be the Perfect fit for the Yankees in Left Field if you are going to let Matsui Walk. Holiday is only 29 and has hit 20 or more HR and 100 + RBI the last four seasons in a row. Being in the prime of his career he wont come cheap but with Matsui gone and Damon on a cheaper deal signing him for Four years 50 million dollars is doable.

6. Jorge Posada- Posada should be able to play the role as everyday catcher for at least two more seasons. If the Yankees are smart they will resign Jose Molina for another two year deal to give him extra days off or to let him DH every once in a while.

7. Robinson Cano- You know you have a hell of a lineup when your seven hitter is capable of winning a batting title. Cano had an unbelievable season and i believe will continue his patient ways at the plate. If he can do better with runners in scoring position and learn to take a little off  some of his throws ( his arm is to strong and sometimes throws wildly) he may be in contention for a batting title or a gold glove.

8. Nick Swisher- Although Nick didn’t really hit for average, he showed good power numbers hitting  29 Hr and 82 RBI’s.Nick was second in walks in the American League with 97. He gets on base and he hits for power. The Yankees have him under contract for one more year.

9. Austin Jackson- Jackson had a great year in Scranton . Some feel that his power numbers aren’t as good as what he projects to be and that he strikes out to much. In 2009 Jackson hit .300 with 4 HR and 65 RBI’s. Jackson showed his speed stealing 24 bases only getting caught 4 times. Jackson took IL Rookie of the Year honors and will come to spring training ready to impress. I think his youth and Athleticism will earn him a spot on the opening day roster.

Starting Rotation

1. CC Sabathia-  A Cy Young candidate and was great during the entire season and post season. Look for him to remain on top in 2010.

2. AJ Burnett- Had a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on at times, but he’s passionate about winning and has the best curve ball in the game. Aj has been great for the clubhouse and his whip cream pie tradition will carry on to 2010.

3. Andy Pettitte- Andy will decide to come back for another season as the tank is not even close to empty yet. Look for him to get around the same deal as last year with abou the same results. 200+ innings and 15 wins who wouldn’t want that.

4. Aroldis Chapman- I believe the Yankees will win the bidding war for the flame throwing Cuban defector. A lefty that can hit 100mph with his fastball are far from a dime a dozen. He is a bit raw with the control of his secondary pitches but the Yankees pitching coaches are amongst the best in the game. He may start the season in Scranton but not for long.

5. Chad Gaudin- I know you are all surprised by this pick but he is as good a starting pitcher as any of the fifth starter candidates and will outpitch Joba and Hughes in spring training and win the five spot out of the gate. At least until he falters.

The Bull Pen:

Here are the pitchers that should definitely be there according to me.

David Robertson

Domaso Marte

Phil Hughes

Joba Chamberlain

Mariano Rivera

Alfredo Aceves

Phil Coke

The Bench:

Jose Molina

Ramiro Pena

Brett Gardner

Jerry Hairston Jr

There you have it folks my version of the 2010 25 man Roster. Now I have no  say in what the Yankees do or who they offer contracts to. This is just what I would do if I were them. What would you do differently? Leave your 25 man roster in the comments I’m dying to see what you would do.