yankees-world-championships After the Yankees clinched their 27th world championship immediately the haters came out to say how they purchased the world series. Did anyone say this about the 93 Blue Jays when they won with the highest payroll? The fact of the matter is that the Yankees played by the rules and actually have quite a few guys that are home grown superstars such as Derek Jeter,Mariano Rivera,Jorge Posada,Robinson Cano,Melky Cabrera,Brett Gardner,Andy Pettitte and Alfredo Aceves. These guys were always Yankees from the start, so to say that they buy their players and championships is just ignorant.

Many other teams have the money to afford big name players but their owners decide to keep a larger portion than what they reinvest. A prime example would be teams like the Florida Marlins and the Kansas City Royals that receive more in Revenue sharing than their entire payrolls.

If other teams aren’t as successful as the Yankees it is because their owners don’t reinvest. Having a good team brings you fans which in turn brings in revenue which makes you more money.When you have more money you can invest more on player salaries. If more team owners would spend a little money they would have better teams. It is not the Yankees fault that greed is what motivates the rich. So haters GO HOME

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