The General managers meetings are into day three and as always Brian Cashman will not blink an eye that might give a hint of what he might be planning or thinking. He is the master of saying a lot without saying anything. One good example of this is that he views Joba and Hughes as “starters that can relieve” stating that they will go into spring training in competition for a starting position and any innings limits on them would not be significant This really says nothing as the only ones that have gauarenteed  starting jobs are CC,Aj and Andy Pettitte (should he return) .  Other pitchers that may be competing will include Sergio Mitre, Chad Gaudin, Alfredo Aceves and Ian Kennedy. There is even a chance invitations could be extended to Josh Towers, Casey Fossom and who knows who else. All of which would be a moot point if they pick up one or more pitchers in trade or free agency. So yes Cashman has said a lot without saying anything, again!

So basically no decisions about anything have been made. One thing I did here is that the Astros will not pursue Pettitte if he does not reach a deal with the Yankees before the end of the 15 day window the Yankees have to exclusively deal with him. Even if a deal is not worked out during that time period Andy can still sign with them. It  just means that other teams can wave offers in front of his face as well.  I think that Andy will either play for the Yankees or retire a Yankee. So what do you all think does Pettitte get into the hall of fame? You can make a pretty impressive argument for it. The HGH use may be a deal breaker though, what do you think?