pettite If there are changes to be made this is where we must start. The only two positions that are locks at this point is CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett. The rest of the 2010 rotation will be a question mark. Andy Pettite is a free agent and It seems that if he decides to play next season it will be for the Yankees. I believe there is interest on both sides and a deal will probably get done. Now that still leaves two more spots in the starting rotation Up for grabs. There are a number of possible scenarios. One Scenario would be to give those spots to Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. Although it would not surprise me if the Yankees did this I don’t feel its the best course of action. It seems to me that both of these pitchers have found nice homes in the bull pen. Especially Joba Chamberlain. Last season I was one of the biggest Joba should be in the Rotation supporters you would ever meet. Now I’m doing a 180, It just seems that coming out of the pen he doesn’t hold back and attacks the strike zone with purpose. Not to mention he gains about five mph on his fastball. Phil Hughes on the other hand is built to be a starter a bit more than Chamberlain and it would not surprise me if he competes for the 5th starter position. Ultimately I think Hughes should be the long man and Joba the set up guy. Lets assume for the sake of argument that one of the two of them goes to the rotation and the other to the pen. This still leaves the Yankees in need of one more starting pitcher.

The Yankees may go out and spend some big money again in order to secure next years world championship as well. The two obvious targets on the free agency market are

John Lachey who was 11-8 with an era of 3.83 and is probably the best free agent on market. At least the best tested free agent, That brings us to Aroldis Chapman. Chapman is a Defector from Cuba that is drawing a lot of media attention. Probably because he is a lefty that can touch 100 mph on the radar gun. Kind of reminds me of a shorter Randy Johnson is his prime. This kid is certainly going to be a super star. The Red Sox seem to be putting the full court press on this kid. That usually means the Yankees will be trying to steal him away at the last minute, ala Sabathia and Teixeira.

During the next week or so there may be some decisions made about some of these questions as Brian Cashman is at the GM meetings in Chicago and hopes to at least have a good feel for what the trade market holds by the time it is over. We are also into the 15 day window that the Yankees have to deal exclusively with their free agents. So buckle up kids this is when it gets fun.