jeteranajThe Yankees tried to rally late after chasing Lee from the game after seven. It was to little to late. On a night that Chase Utley ties Reggie Jackson’s Home Run record the Phillies win 8-6.

So now we head back to NY where the Yankees have the upper-hand. Able to reinsert Posada and Matsui into the line-up and gain back that ninth spot  where the pitcher sat in Philadelphia. The Yankees should feel Great to have taken two of three in the city of brotherly love, they are really not built for national league style play.

Unlike the Previous two games in NY Alex Rodriguez is back to swinging his hot bat, last night going 2-4 with 3 RBI.  The Phillies will start Pedro Martinez in game Six, most likely against Andy Pettitte ,another pitching match-up that favors the Yankees as Pedro continues to let the Yankees” be his daddy “losing game two in the Bronx.

So rest up my friends as tomorrow we will continue this war which the Yankees have come to far to lose . I say things like that because Genevosey is superstitious and thinks im jinxing them. You and I both know that there is no such thing but its fun to get him worked up.

Back tomorrow much more to come.