ALCS Yankees Angels BaseballAs if there was any doubt in my mind before, you gotta like the Yankees chances now. A 3-1 lead in a best of seven is awful hard to come back from. We all know that it can be done because it has happened to the Yankees before. But that was a different time against a different team. I’m predicting that the Yankees lock this one up tomorrow. Its easy for the Angels to say that they will keep fighting till they win this thing but that last slaughter from a hungry Yankee ball club took something from them you can see it in their faces. The Angels have been broken. I believe the Dodgers will fight to see another game after tonight but after tomorrow I believe that the Angels are done.

The Yankees will not be denied the ALCS! Anybody wanna bet money against them with me? Didn’t think so.

Back tomorrow with pre-game line ups and gibberish