boo Another extra innings ballgame as the Angels were able to overcome the Yankees home run prowess and get the 5-4 victory in the eleventh inning.

I was hoping I would be writing a post tonight entitled “ The fat lady is warming up her pipes” but it wasn’t meant to be. I predicted the Angels to win tonight and they did. Funny how my predictions have been coming true all season. I predicted that Alex Rodriguez would have a huge year, I predicted that Xavier Nady would never come back off the DL, I also predicted that Tomko would be DFA’d and then be great for another team, and after just one game I predicted that Fransisco Cervelli would be on the playoff roster. Now I am predicting the Yankees will crush the Angels tomorrow by at least 4 runs and CC Sabathia on short rest will go eight innings. Ok that prediction may be to much but I’m fairly confident that Sabathia will be as good as he ever was. Many of you are worried about him playing on short rest but I am here to tell you there is not a pitcher in the game that pitches better on short rest than CC. Last season he pitched his final five starts on short rest and carried the Brewers into the post season.  The Yankees by wrapping up the division early were able to let CC get some extra rest this season and is healthy and strong. One game of short rest is certainly not going to be a problem for Sabathia and I even think the short rest will be helpful to him.  He knows that he wont be quite as strong as he would be on normal or extra rest so he will have to compensate with control of the strike zone and pitch selection. You will probably see more sliders than usual and not as many mid 90’s fastballs.  There will be two to four more games and the Yankees only need to split them to make the world series. Their rotation will be as follows

Tuesday: Sabathia

Thursday: Burnett

Saturday: Pettite

Sunday: Sabathia

Seems like the Yankees have a pretty good chance to getting two wins out of that is not to bad.

Over in the National League the Phillies scored to runs in the ninth inning to win 5-4 putting them firmly in the drivers seat with a 3-1 series advantage. However the Phils will put Cole Hamels on the mound who hasn’t been able to get out of the fifth inning in two post season starts with an ERA of 6.97. He will be opposed by Vicente Padilla who has been great in the post season  and has only given up one run in his last 14 innings pitched for an ERA of .083.

From here on in both series will be interesting. Right now the odds favor Yankees vs Phillies for the World Series but in the playoffs anything can happen.