aj_burnett_autographShort pregame because its about business time. Blackburn v Burnett should be a war. Blackburn has been money down the stretch only allowing 5 earned in his last 20+ innings. Boston got beat down last night with Lester on the Mound. For them thats bad. I’m routing for the Sox to pull it out. The WS wont mean as much unless we beat Boston in the ACLS. Here are your starting line-ups
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Swisher RF
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Molina C

Pitching: RHP A.J. Burnett (13-9, 4.04 ERA regular season)

Span RF
Cabrera SS
Mauer C
Kubel DH
Cuddyer 1B
Young LF
Gomez CF
Tolbert 3B
Punto 2B

Pitching: RHP Nick Blackburn (11-11, 4.03 ERA regular season)
The good news is that Blackburn is horrible against the Yankees 0-4 with an ERA of 5.89 ERA in four starts. Gotta like them odds. The game has begun so Ill be back after with some parting thoughts.