alexhomer A ten run sixth inning gives AJ Burnett his 13th win of the year and momentum going  into the playoffs. The 10-2 victory closes the book on the NY Yankees regular season finishing with a record of 103-59.

Alex Rodriguez went 3-4 with 2 HR and 7 RBI’s Including a grand  slam. It amazes me that Alex missed the first month of the season and then was basically in spring training mode for the first couple of weeks back and still finished with 30 HR and 100 RBI’s. He is absolutely the best hitter in baseball and will eventually prove to be the best of all time . He should easily pass all of the other HR kings. This year as opposed to last he has been very clutch ,hitting many of his RBI’s when they counted and finishing the year the same way he started the year with a HR.

On to  Pitching. AJ Burnett was great, he has been on a role and certainly should feel pretty good about himself going into the playoffs.

Here is the part where I eat crow. I stated at the beginning of the season that Joba is a starter and should be treated as such and didn’t listen to all of you who told me that he should be in the bull pen. To all of you I apologize , Joba sucks in the Rotation and rocks in the pen. Today Joe Girardi wanted to get a little peak at if he could make the adjustment back to the pen should they decide to use him like that. Well the answer is ,Yes. It only took him 9 pitches to get through an inning including a strikeout and was hitting 95 on the gun with his fastball. He just looked like an entirely different guy. Now I know its only 9 pitches but just the way he carried himself I just think he was more confident and  let it all hang out.  The bull pen has been a strength for the Yankees and if you have Joba ,Hughes and Rivera at the end of the line you have to be nervous if are a playoff opponent.

This is what I believe the Yankees post season roster will be for the first round:

Pitchers: CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Alfredo Aceves, Phil Coke, David Robertson and Chad Gaudin

Position Players  Jorge Posada, Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Damon, Brett Gardner, Nick Swisher, Hideki Matsui (DH)

Bench: Jose Molina, Francisco Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Jerry Hairston JR, Freddy Guzman, Eric Hinske

Ramiro Pena won’t be necessary as Hairston can play just about any position in the field. Guzman is there just for his speed as a pinch runner in the late innings. Hence the reason for carrying Cervelli . If you run for Posada you need to have a backup catcher in case Molina gets hurt. The playoffs is not the place not to have a backup catcher. Damaso Marte won’t make the cut because it won’t  be necessary to have two lefties in the pen when you have two lefty starters. Bruney doesn’t make it either, primarily because of the need for a long man in case one of the starters gets a line drive off his shin in the first inning or pulls a groin covering first. Gaudin has pitched well down the stretch. I believe he is better than Mitre in this scenario.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Chad is in the rotation for the ALCS (should the Yankees make it that far) and perhaps given a chance to compete for a starting role in the spring, but we will save that for the off season.

The Twins won again and have forced a playoff  on Tuesday against the Tigers to decide who will win the Central . The winner will travel to  NY to face the Yankees in the first round. As A Yankees fan I don’t really care who wins because I think the Yanks match up well against either team. However I would like the game to go 14 or 15 innings and for the winner to come in with a worn out tired team and a spent Bull Pen. Seriously though the Tigers have a better rotation and the Twins have a better Offence. The Tigers bull pen is horrible and the Twins have the better closer. Like I said  I like the way the Yankees match up against either of these teams. 

It will be interesting to see how close my playoff roster is compared to what they come up with. back later with much more. All of baseball has tomorrow off. Make sure that you follow us on twitter user name Yankeesmagazine.