cchit The Yankees regular season home schedule is complete. One more series at Tropicana field and we will be ready for the playoffs. The next three games are completely meaningless except for tomorrow when CC Sabathia gets his shot at 20 2ins for the first time in his career. If you ask him he will of course downplay its significance because he is focused on one thing, winning a World Series. 

Most of the Regulars will get a game or half game off sometime this series so they can be fresh for next week. The big debate between now and then is what to do about Joba Chamberlain. I personally believe that he should be in the bull-pen. A seven,eight,nine of Joba,Hughes and Rivera could make it a six inning game if needed. On the outside chance a forth starter is needed i would go with Gaudin. I know its hard to predict how he will be coming out of the pen, but could it be any worse than what we are looking at now?

There are still a few questions that need to be answered and we will be wrapping them up soon enough. YOM will be here each step of the way to answer them.

Will Joba be on the playoff roster?

Will CC  win the Cy Young?

Will Tex or Jeter overtake Mauer for MVP?

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