Royals Yankees BaseballI could go on with all the details about how the Yankees came from behind yet again and got another walk off victory and another pie was given but it doesn’t really matter. We are talking about the Kansas City Royals they might as well be playing the Toledo Mudhens because their isn’t that big a difference in talent between the two .
What is important is that the Yankees are not crawling into the playoffs they have won their last 7 games straight and their starting rotation for the playoffs have all looked sharp of late.Ok Ok I will give a quick hat tip to Juan Miranda who recorded the game winning hit in the Yankees 4-3 come from behind victory over the Royals tonight. He hit it of former Yankee Kyle Farnsworth. Aj Burnett is the real story as he has been up and down all year and seems to be peaking at just the right time. Although he did not get a win tonight he went six and a third and only gave up truns on three hits striking out eight. I know I know, the Royals but this is huge for his mental game going into the Division series. The Yankees and the Royals meet up for one more tomorrow as Joba Chamberlain will get his final regular season start in hopes of going 10-6. In the NFL that is good enough to get you to the playoffs. In the MLB its good enough to make you a number 4 starter, maybe.
It will also be the final regular season home game as the Yankees head to Tampa for a short series before returning home for the ALDS next week.