Hello all. Obviously a big weekend for the Yankees. With a clean sweep of the Sawx they snatched the AL East Crown and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Tonight they face the Royals. It is important to remain on a role throughout the remainder of the season. You do not want to stumble into the post season or suffer any kind of Division Championship type hangover. The New York Yankees know they haven’t won anything yet. That is the big reason this team has been so successful all year. It is the mindset of this team. They know that the World Series is the only goal of this franchise year in and year out. Chad Gaudin is pitching for a spot in the playoff rotation. Joba Chamberlain had a good outing his last time out and Gaudin has to pitch well to keep pace. Without any further ado here are your lineups for tonight’s game


  1. Maier LF
  2. Betancourt SS
  3. Butler 1B
  4. Jacobs DH
  5. Callaspo 2B
  6. Teahen RF
  7. Olivo C
  8. Gordon A 3B
  9. Anderson CF

Pitcher: Hochevar


  1. Gardner CF
  2. Cabrera RF
  3. Damon LF
  4. Posada DH
  5. Cano 2B
  6. Hinske 3B
  7. Miranda 1B
  8. Cervelli C
  9. Pena SS

Chad Gaudin

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