matsui With the Yankees losing 2 of three to the Mariners and the Red Sox wining three in a row. Its become a 5 game lead with three left to play against each other. The Yankees magic number to win the division remains at 9 with 12 games to go. Lets assume for a minute that the Yankee’s only played 500 ball on the rest of the way out going 6-6 they would finish with a record of 101-61. In order for the Red Sox to win the Division in this scenario they would have to go 13-1 to finish 102-60 (they have 14 games left). Does that put your mind at ease a little? I would hope so considering the Yankees play 7 of those games against the Rays and the Royals.

The bigger things to watch is 1. clinching home field advantage and 2. If the Twins overtake the Tigers in the Central. The Twins sit 3 games back in the Division right now. I don’t know about you but I would rather face the Twins than The Tigers, although I think the Yankees are better than either of them.

Ok so what to do about Joba? Its two late to get Phil Hughes Ready for a 4th starting spot. I have to wonder, and I know you are all going to yell at me, If I wouldn’t rather see Joba go to the bull pen for the Playoffs and give the 4th spot to Chad Gaudin or Sergio Mitre. Chad hasn’t been to bad and I think we will get a preview of what he might look like in the playoffs on Tuesday ( I believe that will be his day) against the Angels. Mitre looked good today coming out of the bull pen going 5 innings allowing 0 runs on 1 hit and struck out 5. Joba in his last 8 starts has given up 29 runs for an ERA of 8.42. You can’t put that guy in your playoff rotation. I don’t know exactly what the pitching matchups for the Angels series is but my best guess is Monday-Pettitte Tuesday- Gaudin Wednesday-Burnett. Tomorrow is a night game and a Day off for me. You will probably have either Genvosey of Brendon doing the pregame. I will be there after the game for those of you who stay up that late with a recap and my always witty banter. For those of you who don’t already please make sure that you follow us on Twitter username, Yankeesmagazine.