We have added a new author to help us forward into the playoffs. Its a busy time of year and there is a lot going on. Here is a little bit about Brendon

Brenden Monroe has been a die-hard Yankee fan ever since he wore
diapers. Currently a Senior Mass Communications major at SUNY Oneonta,
Brenden is the creator of Smoking With Hank, a soon to be popular
Yankees blog. He is also the sports editor of his school paper, a
radio DJ, and co-creator of a sports talk TV show on campus.
After he is done being an extremely busy college student, Brenden hopes
to become a sports journalist or announcer. If those professions don’t
pan out, he plans on playing the lottery until he wins enough money to
buy a pro sports team.

We here at Yankees Online Magazine (YOM) are always looking for superior talent but Brendon was the only thing available. No I am just kidding Welcome aboard Brendon I hope you have a good sense of humor because between Genvosey and I we keep things interesting around here.