NostradamusEveryone has there little predictions about how the post-season will shape up. Back in February I made some predictions of my own and this is what the great Rookstrdomous came up with.
AL East. Yankees
AL Central. Twins
AL West Angels
AL wildcard Boston

NL East Phillies
NL Central Cards
NL West Diamondbacks
NL wildcard Braves
WS Yankees VS Cardinals
AL cy young. Sabathia
NL cy young Licecum
AL ROY David Price
NL ROY Tommy Hanson
Honorable mention to Brett Gardner and Cameron Maybin
Well as you can see I’m not physic. But I didn’t do that bad either. I think a lot of what I predicted will be close to the mark and I’m not wavering from my WS pick. Now for my final pick (as if there is any doubt) Yankees in 6.