Under the cover of darkness last night the Yankees released their new ticket prices. Hate tip to Pete Abraham for this pretty chart showing the increase vs decreases. Anyhow I thought It would be fun to see how the cost compares to being a Red Sox Fan. image


Single Game Red Sox Tickets cost
    Dugout Box    $325
    EMC Club    $297
    Dugout Box    $270
    State Street Home Plate Pavilion Club    $215
    State Street Pavilion Club    $165
    Green Monster    $160
    Dugout Box (Canvas Alley, D3-D7)    $135
    Field Box    $125
    Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck    $115
    Pavilion Box    $90
    Loge Box    $90
    Coca Cola Corner Pavilion Reserved    $75
    Infield Grandstand    $50
    Right Field Box    $50
    Right Field Roof Box    $50
    Right Field Roof Terrace    $50
    Outfield Grandstand    $30
    Green Monster Standing Room    $30
    Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck Standing Room    $30
    Right Field Roof Box Standing Room    $30
    Right Field Roof Terrace Standing Room    $30
    Bleachers    $26
    Pavilion Standing Room    $25
    Standing Room    $20
    Upper Bleachers    $12

The very cheapest of the nosebleed sections the Yankees have the edge. Seems like the Yankees have the better deal overall. The $160 dollars to sit on the green monster is absurd. How can they justify that?  You can sit field level at Yankee stadium for about the same price. Next time someone bitches about the cost of being a Yankees fan remind them of how expensive it is to be a Red Sox fan. The cost of being a Sox fan will soon be even greater when the Yankees win the pennant.