Yankees slated to start, finish 2010 at Fenway

zimmerasskicked This is the Way it should be, with Fans having waited all winter for Baseball the Red Sox vs the Yankees are probably the greatest rivalry in the game. In turn at the end of the year the odds of this being a meaningful game are much greater than if the Yankees finished the season against  say the Royals. These two teams are the greatest competitors in the game today and although the rivalry isn’t as bitter as the days of Thurman Muson and the famed Don Zimmer getting beat up by Pedro Martinez there is always some good drama when these two warriors take the field.

I especially like the fact that they will be kicking off on Sunday night baseball on ESPN. Just seems fitting. However as usual whenever the ESPN guys are calling the game I will be muting my TV and listening to John and Susan on the Radio.

Some of the Best fights take place in the stands check out this Yankees fan who is very passionate about the game.

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