Who cares that the Yankees lost. I told you they were going to before the game even started. This is much more interesting. IT all started with Mark Melancon beaning Aaron Hill. This prompted Toronto Reliever Jesse Carlson to throw behind Jorge Posada. Now if your going to throw a purpose pitch to someone you are better served throwing behind Brett Gardner or Hideki Matsui, you know someone who is not going to kick your ass. Posada Yelled a warning to Carlson and order was quickly restored. Posada worked a walk and scored on a double from Brett Gardner. As Posada crossed the plate he brushed against Carlson who was standing near the first base line. This angered Carlson who in turn asked Posada nicely why he would do that. Posada responded with a kind word of his own and the benches cleared. Joe Girardi jumped right into the middle of it all and appeared to take a lump or two. Carlson was the recipient of a hell of a bruise on the side of the head. Shelly Duncan was right in the thick of it all too. I’m glad he’s a Yankee, he is one big dude.

Posada and Carlson were both ejected from the game and I’m certain fines and suspensions will soon follow. Now is not the time to have your starting catcher suspended if you are the Yankees.I’m hopeful that the suspensions can be kept to a minimum. Three days would be nice but it will probably be more like 5-7 days. With the Angels and the Red Sox coming up in the near future perhaps a suspension could be appealed and wait until the Kansas City series.Wishful thinking huh.

At any rate the Yankees got spanked 10-4 but like I said it was expected. Unfortunately the Red Sox beat the Angels and the lead is down to 6.5 . Don’t panic yet though the Yankees are still the best team in the game and will most certainly win the division. It also appears that the Red Sox will probably win the wild card. The Division series will shape up to be the Red Sox Vs the Angels and the Yankees Vs the Tigers. (however the Twins have one three in a row and could make a run of it but don’t count on it)

Tomorrow we will get to see if there is any carryover from tonight’s fight as the Yankees and the Blue Jays face off again .This time it will be Chad Gaudin filling in for Andy Pettite who has a sore shoulder vs  Brian Tallett who has won his last two outings. However I don’t think it will matter who pitches tomorrow the Yankees are the sleeping dog that the Jays just pissed off.