Orioles Yankees BaseballThe Yankees destroyed the Baltimore Orioles 13-3 today but lost the previous 2 games to them. An 8 run eighth inning where they batted around put the final nail in the O’s coffin.

These games are fairly meaningless as the Yankees have a comfortable 7 game lead in the division and will coast into the playoffs. Perhaps, but they better be careful the Red Sox have quietly won their last 5 games and picked up a couple of games on the division lead. But with something like 18 games remaining I’m pretty sure the Race in the east is over.

The Bigger race is the race for home field advantage where the Yankees hold on to a lead in what could be the difference in a world series championship. Lets look at the facts. The Yankees don’t play well in Anaheim and having home field advantage would be huge for their power hitting offense.

The Yankees have some tough games ahead, starting tomorrow with a one game makeup with the Angels. The Yankees have something to prove to the Angels who beat up on them the last series that they played. Beyond that they still have 3 more games against them and 3 more against Boston.

The Yankees need to keep on winning and get some momentum going into the playoffs. If AJ Burnett can find his groove going forward from here, than all will be smooth sailing, if not ,come playoff times things could get interesting.