Baltimore made a trip to the Bronx and would be on the field for some Yankee History. The outcome of the game is really not important. The Yankees lost 10-4 in a soaked game that saw 2 rain delays. In the 3rd Jeter stroked a single to right field like has done 2000 times before.  With that hit he eclipsed the Iron Horse Lou Gehrig for number 1 on the Yankee’s all time hits list.  A better person couldn’t hold that record.

Derek Jeter by all accounts is a man of high character and he is a Yankee from the draft all the way up to the Big Leagues. It’s been a pleasure to watch him carry himself in the way he has in the Big Apple. It’s easy to get caught up in being the Yankee Captain and starting shortstop. He never did that. He kept his eye on the prize at all times. That prize wasn’t being the hit king, and it wasn’t being 2nd on the Yankee all-time runs scored list, and it sure as hell wasn’t being 2nd on the Yankee all-time stolen base list. It was winning championships. Jeter and his Yankees have 4 of them and 6 trips to the fall classic. Even with last nights loss and a tough outing from the bullpen which has been almost perfect since the all-star break the team is right on track to get back to the World Series. 

In closing cause I am still suffering from a concussion and can’t write too much The game will go down as a loss in the record books but it was a victory for the Yankees. Jeter, the Captain, made history and I will always remember seeing it and I was filled with pride as a fan and it meant a lot to me and fans alike that Derek Jeter broke the record that has stood for 70 plus years.

By Michael “GeneVosey” Genovese

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