Rays Yankees BaseballWe all knew it was coming  Derek Jeter Tied the all time hits by a Yankee record of 2721 hits held by Lou Gehrig . It will be difficult in todays day and age for any player to ever beat this record. After not getting a hit in his last two games Derek came out and started the game with a bunt for a base hit and ended up going 3 for 4 with a walk. There is a remote possibility that Jeter could approach Pete Rose’s hits record of 4256. Jeter would have to play at least 8 more seasons and average 190 hits a year, which is below his average of 200 per year. However at 35 eight years is a  lot of years.

At any rate the Yankees were down 2-0 until Tampa opened the Door allowing an unearned run and then a Jorge Posada pinch hit 3 run Homer to cap the 4-2 victory. This year the Yankees seem to be the kings of comebacks and this game will surely be seen again on Yankees Classics.

So its another sweep as the Yankees took all 4 games from the Rays realistically ending any playoff hopes the Rays may have once clung to. Next up for the Yankees its a day off tomorrow in preparation for a three game sweep I mean set against the Baltimore Orioles.

Andy Pettite will be taking the ball on Friday against Baltimore prospect Chris Tillman. The Yankees are 9 games up in the Division over the Red Sox who begin a difficult section of their schedule playing the Rays and the Angels. This could make the wild card race interesting as the Rangers face the Mariners and the A’s.  Its a tough thing to do but as a Yankees fan you almost have to route for the Red Sox to beat the Angels to help further the Gap for the Yankees and Home field advantage throughout the playoffs. I will have to think about that one a bit longer before I can do that.