texhi The Yankees easily won their day night double header and extended their lead in the AL East to 9 games. Although not mathematically a lock common sense dictates that this race is over. The only real race the Yankees are involved in now is the race with the Angels for home field advantage and they have a six game lead in that one as well.

The Yankees won the first game 5-1 here are a few highlights

CC Sabathia pitched another Gem but unfortunately could not get the win as the Rays matched him through 7 and the Yankees took the game into the 8th before they broke the game open with three runs getting the Win for Phil Hughes and Mariano Rivera the save. But Sabathia was brilliant 7 innings 1 run on three hits and 10 strikeouts. All I can say is wow has he earned that big contract he was given.

Derek Jeters chase for the Yankees hits record was stifled as he went 0-8 over the two games. There is no doubt that he will break the record in the new stadium as they have 8 more games at home for him to get the 3 hits he needs to become the Yankees all time hits leader. Genvosey and I were discussing what it would take for Jeter to pass the all time hits record held by Pete Rose and this is what we came up with. He would have to average 190 hits per year for the next 8 seasons. This is actually a decline considering he usually hits well over 200 a year. The problem is that he is 35 and that’s a pretty tall order.

The Second game just ended with the Yankees winning 11-1. Again as mentioned earlier Jeter went hitless but don’t worry he will get there. It was great to see Aj Burnett look somewhat back to normal. He went 6 innings giving up 1 run on 4 hits and struck out 8 for his 11th win 11-1.  We also saw Edwar Ramirez,  Jonathon Albaladejo and Newcomer Mike Dunn  each pitch an inning of scoreless ball.  

At the Dish the hits just kept coming. 17 of them to be exact but none bigger than Mark Teixeira’s 35th Home run of the year. Mark went 3-4 with 4 RBI’s  and 2 runs scored. Also big nights for

Molina 3-3 with 1 RBI and 2 walks

Hairston JR 2-4 1 RBI 1 Run

Melky 3-4 2 RBI 2 Runs

And we should note that recently called up Shelly Duncan got his first ML at bat of the year and grounded out. Look for him to do big things this month. Don’t be surprised when he plays himself into consideration for the post season roster. We will also mentioned that Reliever Mike Dunn still struggled with control and although he finally struck out the final two batters he allowed two base runners via the walk finding it difficult to throw strikes. But as a Lefty that can throw in the Mid to high 90’s they will certainly be working with him on his control to make him effective. Left handed pitchers are valuable enough. Lefties that can throw 96 are down right rare. Especially sense he is only 24.

Tomorrow the Yankees will continue with Chad Gaudin on the hill for game three and will face Rays Rookie David Price. Gaudin is the spot starter considering the double header to keep everyone on normal rest. (personally I think the Yankees chances would be better with Josh Towers) Gaudin has not been good this season but hopefully the powerful Yankee bats can make up for the bad pitching. Hey you never know anything can happen, Sergio Mitre who is horrible had that one hitter last week maybe Chad will get a turn, just don’t hold your breath.

More Importantly is that Derek Jeter gets some hits . I’m sure he is feeling a bit of pressure and the sooner he takes care of business the sooner he can start the race for Peter Rose’s hits record. Sleep well Yankee fans and we will talk to you tomorrow, just don’t forget to follow us on twitter.