Derek The Big news today is the real possibility that history will be made. Derek Jeter only need three hits to break Lou Gehrig’s record for the most hits in Yankee history. Jeter will of course play it off like just another day but we all know better. I predict that if he gets all three in the first game you won’t see him in the second. But if he doesn’t you have to wonder what Girardi will do. On one hand you have a comfortable lead on the division and its hard to play both games of a double header. On the other hand a full house of Yankee fans will be wanting to see the historic 2721st hit. Unfortunately Jeter will never see Rose’s record of 4256, but I don’t think anyone will ever see that one.

I actually am being forced to go to a family function and have to DVR the games. Which is ok because If it happens today I want it recorded to add to my collection of Yankee great games. I recently won a DVD set of Yankees Perfect games and no hitters. ( Hat tip to the  6lb8ozbabyjoba site) Collin and Kevin have a great site over there  and they write on our sister site Behind the Foul Pole which is soon going to become a network hub for baseball team sites across the country.

In other news  Brett Gardner is back off the DL today. Good luck to him and the Yankees have called up Shelly Duncan which I expected to happen, I would love it if he made the post season roster but I don’t know that there is room for him. Although they could drop Mitre and carry Duncan or something like that time will tell. 

Well Im off to do the Holiday thing, enjoy the rest of the games and Ill give you an update during the second game when we return from the picnic. Make sure you follow us on twitter at Yankeesmagazine.