Yankees Blue Jays BaseballThey say that that its not over till the fat lady sings. She hasn’t sung yet but she is certainly heating up her pipes. With a 7.5 game lead over the Red Sox the division is almost a lock. It would take a meltdown of epic proportions for the Yankees to lose the division at this point.

So lets take a look ahead at what the playoff roster might look like. Some positions are locks those would be


2. Cano

3. Jeter

4. A-Rod

5. Posada

6. Matsui

7. Swisher

8. Sabathia

9. Burnett

10. Pettitte

11. Joba

12. Hughes

13. Rivera

This leaves 12 positions that could go differently depending on what happens in September. Lets assume that the Yankees are going to carry 12 pitchers I’m guessing the other six will be

14 Robertson

15 Aceves

16 Bruney

17 Mitre

18 Coke

19 Towers

That leaves 5 positions still not accounted for

20 Cabrera

21 Gardner

22 Hairston

23 Molina

24  Pena

25 Damon who should have actually been on the locks part at the top I just forgot about him. This leaves of Hinske,Gaudin,Melancon,Cervelli and a few other recently called up minor leaguers. This is just the way I see it shaping up in my opinion. What do you think?

In other Yankee news Tomorrow is a Day/Night double header against the Rays. It’s also the first game back home after going 8-2 on a 10 day road trip. You cant complain about that. At the current pace the Yankees will easily break 100 wins this season and my even approach 110 or more.

Brett Gardner Dh’d at Scranton Sunday and has been given the Green light. I believe he will be back with the Yankees tomorrow and play at least one if not both of the games against the Rays. The Yankees have really missed the energy he brings to the team. Not to mention the way he tortures opposing pitchers.

Derek Jeter needs just 3 more hits to pass Loe Gerihg for the most hits in Franchise history. Look for the captain to play both games.

Brian Cashman should call up Ken Williams and apologize the conversation would go something like this.

ring ring

Secretary: Chicago White Sox Ken Williams office

Cashman: Is Ken in its Brian Cashman

Secretary: Please hold

Bad elevator music

Williams: What the Fuck do you want

Cashman: I know your mad Ken and Im really sorry I misled you

Williams: Sorry??

Cashman: I knew that Bedimit sucked and I let you give me Nick Swisher in exchange for him. Nick has been great for us he has 24 HR and 75 RBI. He can play in the outfield and at firstbase. He also has been a fun guy to have around the clubhouse.  So I just thought I’d call and say I was sorry for robbing you blind and let you know that if there is ever…….

Ken: Douche ….Click……


Brinan:  Ken?…..Ken?

Yeah Cashman should feel bad. He pulls these trades out of a hat sometimes and sometimes we criticize him for not pulling the trigger on a lot of other deals, but hey the Yankees have the best record in baseball and are probably favored to win it all. How mad can we really be?

Mitre looked like his old self again, after looking so brilliant in his last start only allowing 1 hit over 6 innings he seemed to revert back to his old ways giving up 11 hits and 11 runs but only 9 of them were earned. That makes it so much better doesn’t it. They Yankees committed 4 errors which is a bit concerning. Im certain they will get a good tongue lashing and come out tomorrow firing on all cylinders after suffering the embarrassing 14-8 loss.

Tomorrow is another day and the Yankees tend to have a short memory. Im looking forward to Gardner returning and Im hoping we get to see a bit more of Towers who pitched three innings and gave up one run with a strikeout.