jrmurph With the 76th overall pick in the second round of the draft the Yankees choose catcher /Outfielder J.R .Murphy. J.R. Started training at a baseball academy in Florida when he was 8 years old and by the time he was a Senior in high school he was ranked as the 5th best catcher in the draft by Baseball America.

This kid put up ridiculous numbers his Sr. Year of high school batting 627 with 11 home runs, 66 RBI, 13 stolen bases, and 34 extra-base hits in 102 at-bats. At first glance I thought maybe these were his X-box numbers but there is no mistake that’s what he really hit.Murphy was all set to go to Division 1 school Miami when all hell broke loose and he found himself watching the draft on TV and waiting for his name to be called.So JR took his 1.25 million dollar signing bonus to the Gulf Coast league where in his Yankees debut went 1-3 with 2 walks and 2 RBI’s as the DH. Nerves of steel, I tell you. I haven’t been able to find a lot of information about his defensive skills as a catcher, everyone just want to talk about the fact that he is one of the most polished High School athletes to come out of the draft in quite some time.

Next up we will talk about the Yankees #1 pick Zachary Heathcott. should be awesome stay tuned.