Yankees-Red Sox rivalry reaches waiver wire

billy Ok this is a bit confusing to some but I will attempt to make sense of it all for you. The Mets placed Billy Wagner on waivers and the Red Sox staked a claim. The Mets then had the option of either pulling him back off waivers ,working out a trade with the Sox , or just letting them have him. They worked out a deal for to PTBNL. Well later has come and the player was named and it was Chris Carter who is a outfielder/first baseman playing at triple A Pawtucket. Now in order to complete this portion of the deal and move Carter to the Mets he had to be passed through trade waivers as well. This was when the Yankees stepped in and staked their claim on Carter. Now the Red Sox have the same options. Because the Mets want him as part of the trade deal the Sox will have no other choice but to pull him back off waivers and have to keep him on their 40 man Roster for the remainder of the season, locking up a spot on the 40 man roster. The Red Sox also made a deal with Paul Byrd as part of his minor league deal with him that he would be on the 40 man roster for the last month of the season.This will create some Roster discomfort. It was a shrewd move by the Yankees, some may call it bush league. I call it awesome.


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