andypettitte After looking over all of the Yankees blogs that I frequent the one thing that we all agree about (except for one moron ) is that Swisher should not have Bunted. My greater concern is that Joe’s love for the bunt will cost us a post season victory if he doesn’t learn from this managing mistake. You can say its easy for me to criticize  I wasn’t there. I agree with that, but if I had been there Swisher bunting in that situation never would have crossed my mind and it most likely cost the Yankees the game. Joe I forgive you, just don’t let it happen again.

Moving on here is your starting line up for tonight’s game:

YANKEES (78-47)
Jeter SS
Swisher RF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Hairston LF
Melky CF

Pitching: LHP Andy Pettitte (10-6, 4.25).

Damon has the night off to rest his ailing knee he is listed as day to day.

Good news on the Gardner front. It seems his rehabilitation is taking a positive step  and should be joining the team next week. Hopefully he will be able to at least pinch run. Hopefully when he is 100% it will spark the team a little. Melky has been pretty bad of late.

I know I keep talking about last nights game and I said I was over it, but I want to add one more thing. Why did Joe decide to bring in Gaudin in the fifth only down by 2 runs at home. That should have been Aceves or Robertson’s spot. Unless the Yankees felt it was unwinnable.

Ok I wont mention that game again it just still makes me angry because they should have won.

Robinson Cano has joined the 20 HR club for the first time in his still Young brilliant career. I have always said that he will find his power stroke and become a 30 HR type guy.

Hairston gets the call in Left field today with Damon off. He has turned out to be a great pick up for the bombers. All the guy does is get hits, and he never embarrasses himself in the field.

Pettitte has been great since the break this year at 2-1 with an ERA of 2.82. This is in sharp contrast to last season after the break when he was having elbow issues and went 4-7 5.35 after the break. After starting the season 10-7 4.03. He has been great this year. Better than we could have hoped for. People talk about Pettitte like he is 100 years old he is only 37 and probably has at least two seasons of productive ball left in him. I look for the bombers offering him another deal unless something goes south badly for him.