damonbat Joba Chamberlain did not have anything tonight and struggled out of the gate. My theory is that he isn’t responding well to the extra rest. Pitchers are creatures of habit and if you screw with their routines you will get less than routine results. At this point the plan was for Joba to get only about six more starts.With the Division fairly well in hand I believe it is time to move him to the Bull pen. Now I know that this goes against my stance that Joba is a starter but come playoff time he will be in the Bull Pen anyhow. why not make the change now so that he can mentally know where he stands. Obviously your three starters for the Playoffs will be Sabathia,Burnett,Pettite and then Sabathia on short rest if necessary before Joba would even get a start. In Short Joba went 4 innings giving up 7 runs on 9 hits.

Yankees on the mound: Besides the Horror story listed above Chad Gaudin  gave up 3 runs on 7 hits and Marte looked good again for 1.1 innings striking out 2. If Marte keeps looking like this he might earn his way back into the circle of bullpen trust that currently  has Phil Hughes, Mariano Rivera, Phil Coke, Brian Bruney and Dave Robertson as members.

Yankees at the Dish:  Home runs from Posada and Cano who continually builds on his career high. Hitting wasn’t the problem tonight the Problem was Nick Swisher or whomever had him up their bunting with the game on the line. Swish is not Jeter or Pena. He has a .368 on Base Percentage and he tried to BUNT! ARE YOU F”ING KIDDING ME!!!!  Sorry I feel better now, of course he popped out on the bunt and then Cabrerra hits the sharp line drive that got Harrison Jr doubled up at second. Had Swisher not Bunted he may have made his way on Base like everyone before him in the ninth during a 4 run rally. The Rangers pitching was falling apart and Swisher was attempting to bunt. That was stupid!

Yankees on Deck: As I was watching this game I was texting with our good friend and Writer MG who is currently down for the count for a bit with head trauma. I have been covering a little football over on his site. Deep Thoughts with Gene Vosey. Check it out its good stuff.  Anyhow the Yankees will be back at it again tomorrow for game two vs the Rangers with Andy Pettite taking the mound. In his last start Andy got the win against Boston without his best stuff only lasting five innings and giving up 5 Runs but you know what the Rangers are not the Red Sox don’t think that he will let that happen again. Look for him to be more like he was the start before where he got the ND after  giving up 2 runs over six innings against Seattle in a game that the Bull Pen got the 4-2 Victory.

He will be matched up against Derek Holland at 7-7 with an ERA of 4.72 He has been up and down but has won his last two decisions vs the Twins and the Red Sox.Holland is 3-1 with an ERA of 2.13 in the month of August but you know what? He hasn’t faced the Offence that is 2nd in batting average 1st in on base percentage , 1st in slugging percentage,and 2nd in runs scored. You have to give the Yankees the advantage most days.