World_Series_trophy It’s getting to be that time of year when we start to look at who will win each division and why. We will also break down our playoff predictions and the world series. I could tell you right now who will win the WS but that would ruin the surprise. Lets take a look at each division,

AL East:

The Yankees have a comfortable lead in the East of 6.5 games. Which wouldn’t seem like an unsurpassable lead if there were anyone capable of passing them, but there isn’t so they wont. Clear winner Yankees

AL Central:

The Tigers have a 2.5 game lead on the White sox who are 6-4 in their last 10. One could say they have had the Benefit of an easy schedule of late having faced Seattle, Oakland and Baltimore. The Ace in the whole for the Sox may be Jake Peavy and when he will return and how effective he will be may be the deciding factor on their chances of winning the Division. Personally I believe the Tigers are the better team and will win the Division but it could get interesting.

AL West:

Personally I love the Rangers but they aren’t anywhere’s near the team that the Angels are. The Rangers are 6.5 games back and if they can hang tough in the Division after the Yankees they have a relatively easy stretch in the schedule facing  Minn,Toronto,Cleveland,Oakland,Baltimore and Seattle. Leading up to Sept 14th when they face off for three of the 6 remaining games against the Angels.  In that same stretch of time the Angels have to play the White Sox, Red Sox and the Yankees. So I guess what I am saying is don’t rule the Rangers out but don’t count on it either. Prediction:  Angels by 4.5 games

AL Wildcard:

This is where it truly gets interesting. There are three teams very much alive even though there are more that mathematically have reason to be hopeful. We have to look at more than what’s possible we have to look at the Talents of the teams involved. Boston,Texas and Tampa Bay are the three logical contenders. The White Sox and the Mariners are the guys that are still mathematically possible but I would give you 20-1 odd that neither of these teams will make it.  Who do I want to win this race? The Rangers Who will win this Race? The Rays. Boston made a fatal mistake not getting a top three starter at the trade deadline and picked up Victor Martinez instead. It also seems they are relaying on him for the majority of starts behind the dish. He is not a good fielder and I would start Varitek over him 9 out of 10 times in games that matter. Why do you think that he was not catching in Cleveland. Sox can score some runs but the lack of pitching will keep them from the Playoffs.

That’s how I see the American League. How it pans out from there will be a post for a later date after its decided who will have home field advantage and who will play who. Next up National League predictions.