loveredsoxSometimes after the Yankees put a good beating on the Red Sox it’s fun to troll the Boston sites to see how bad they downplay it. Here are a few quotes on different sites that made me laugh.

1 Sox Vs Stripes said this :” Yes, it was a rough couple of games for the Sox, who are now 7.5 games behind the Yankees and just one game in front of the Rangers. But if the Sox can go town on the White Sox (and the matchups do look good for them), then Boston should be able to catch up on the Yanks “

2. This one came before Beckett gave up the 5 HR to the Yankees. “The Red Sox have all the momentum in the world. Now it’s time to take that momentum and smash it over the Yankees’ collective heads.” Strong words on Over the Monster especially considering their team was 6.5 games back.

3. (I’m not thinking about a division tie, though if Boston wins at least one of the three games in late September they will win the season series, so perhaps I should. If New York sweeps, the teams will be even at 9-9. The next criteria would be which team has the higher winning percentage in intra-division games; Boston is currently 32-20 and New York is 30-20). This one came from a blog called The Joy of Sox To be fair they did feel that the Red Sox have little chance of winning the division, but to even be thinking about a division tie is just silly.

4. Amalie Benjamin(of the Boston Globe) tweeted “ Its not always the best team wining its the better team at the time” Does she really believe that the Red Sox are an overall better team, just not now?

5 . “This season’s Red Sox – Yankee series has been a see-saw battle of one-sided events. Eight in a row by the good guys to start the season, followed by an ugly second-half, four-game sweep by the pinstripes. This weekend’s series has been a microcosm-in-reverse of the season so far: a Friday night skewering of Red Sox pitchers followed by a Saturday explosion of offense from the Sox and an unexpected scoreless outing from Junichi Tazawa.

But, I have to give the edge this weekend to the Sox. Sure, the Yankees put up 20 on Friday, but their starter also gave up seven runs in five innings. Nothing to write home about for the Yankee fans. Tonight is the rubber match and possibly the difference between the September run of going for the division or settling for the wild card. Back 7-and-a-half with just three more head-to-head games to the Yankee juggernaut might be a tall order. But 5-and-a-half back gives us hope. Feeds our faith. And we’ve all seen what that can do.”

This one came from Surviving Grady before the Yankees made Cheesecake out of Beckett. Funny how one game can make a Red Sox fans dreams crumble like tissue paper huh. All is right in the world right now for the Yankees and the Red Sox are but a distant memory in the Division Race. Totally joking but would it be wrong for the Yankees to tank the series against the Rangers just to sprinkle salt on the Red Sox wounds? I’m just saying:)