cantwinumall It’s an expression that I actually saw on a babies bib but it kind of sums up the way I feel about today’s game. Are the Yankees in trouble? NO are the Yankees in danger of losing the division? NO Are the Red Sox just a better team? Not even close. Than what is it? Well it was just a bad day. If you didn’t have a bad day now and then you would be 161-0. 

Yankees on the Mound:

AJ Burnett was not good. He doesn’t do well against the Red Sox or at Fenway. As a matter of fact his record at Fenway is 0-2 with an ERA of 14.25 this year at Fenway. But don’t panic or jump off the AJ bandwagon he is still a hell of a good pitcher that just had a bad day. Some of you may have noticed that there was a bit of miscommunication between him and Posada. OK not the right words but basically they didn’t agree much on pitch selection. But ultimately that falls on Burnett. Posada is not in charge the pitcher is. Burnett at times is a bit pig headed and does what he wants to do. We knew this when we signed him. Luckily most of the time it works out for him because he is so talented today it did not. He gave up 9 Runs on 9 hits and 3 HR. They weren’t all bad pitches as he did strike out 6. Then it remained ugly as Aceves is quickly losing Girardi’s trust in the bull pen. He gave up 3 runs on 3 hits with a HR over 2 innings. Robertson came in as the mop up guy and and gave up 2 more runs but it hardly mattered as the Yankees were creamed 11-1.

Yankees at the Plate:

Not a good day at the plate either. You don’t go 0-9 with Runners in Scoring position and win many games. However hat tip goes to Nick Swisher who did his part going 3-5 with a HR to keep the Yankees from getting shut out. Tex also had a decent day going 2-4.

Yankees on Deck:

The Yankees are professionals and have a short memory. By now the sting is already gone and its on to preparing for tomorrow. Sunday night Baseball, ESPN Sabathia vs Beckett. I can’t think of many matchups I would rather see. Two Ace’s battling it out. I still think you have to give the advantage to the Yankees. But even if the Yankees lose they are still in the drivers seat with a pretty good lead in the AL East. Back tomorrow with Pre and Post game. Make sure that you are following us on Twitter.